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The National Partnership: Our Mission: To build and support career development programs and systems that ensure seamless transition by linking and integrating secondary and post secondary education, professional certifications, and organizational recruitment, employment, training, and retention systems. Learn more and get involved.

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Between the high costs of tuition, living expenses, meal plans and textbooks, it is easy to see why college students are increasingly stressed about their finances. A 2015 survey  found that around 70% of college students feel stressed about their personal finances in general. As a current student at UCLA, I too have felt the financial
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Just being good has never been our goal. Every firefighter, officer, and chief must strive for perfection each day, writes David DeStefano, and in so doing we may obtain excellence.

For years, researchers have been poking holes in our audio output devices in the name of security and privacy. They've found many ways our headphones can be hacked or otherwise compromised. Learn what they discovered, and how you can secure your own.


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