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The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is the only federal agency with a legislative mandate (Public Law 93-41 5) to provide specialized services to corrections from a national perspective. NIC is unique because it provides direct service rather than financial assistance to requesting correctional jurisdictions, responding directly to needs identified by practitioners working in federal, tribal, state, and local adult corrections.
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What is NIC Technical Assistance? 
Technical Assistance (TA) is guidance, support, advice, assessment, and/or customized training that a technical resource provider (TRP) or an NIC staff member provides at no cost to federal, tribal, state, or local correctional agencies or other organizations in the field of corrections. The TRP or NIC staff member serves in an advisory capacity and/or works with the requesting agency in assessing programs and operations, implementing advanced practices, and improving overall agency management, operations, and programming.
How Does NIC Technical Assistance Work?
NIC's Technical Assistance program responds directly to the needs, problems, and individual requirements of state, local, federal and tribal correctional agencies. NIC's technical assistance includes onsite guidance, support, consultation, or training provided by an experienced TRP or NIC staff member who serves in an advisory capacity and works with agency staff.
An agency may request assistance to:
  • Respond to a critical incident
  • Assess programs and operations
  • Implement effective practices
  • Improve agency management, operations, and programming
  • Refine the design, delivery, management, and evaluation of staff training programs
  • Assist in the development of offender programs and services, including reentry services
How Do We Submit a Request for NIC Technical Assistance?
NIC would like to introduce you and your agency to a new tool available on our website which signals a process change in the way that NIC is asking agencies to submit their Requests for Technical Assistance to NIC.

We ask you and your agency to submit your request for Technical Assistance via our new online Request for Technical Assistance Form.
Read more about how Technical Assistance and other ways NIC can help.
How Can NIC Help?

There are some exciting changes to our website that we would like to share with you:
  • Easier to find information about available Technical Assistance for your agency
  • Frequently asked questions about training that NIC offers
  • How to receive help from NIC's Information Center
  • How to access all of NIC services quickly