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  • Ever wondered what Digital Forensics is exactly? We have the answer.
  • Here's what you need to know about securing the cloud.
  • How to measure the unmeasurable in threat intelligence.
  • Legislation alone won't secure elections. Find out what will.
  • Learn what can have a powerful impact on election security.
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  • Learn how to address looming IoT security concerns.
  • Discover how improving cybersecurity posture benefits the bottom line.
  • Here are some tips to help your board navigate cybersecurity legal risks.
  • Information sharing can reduce vulnerabilities. Here's how.
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  • Find out which training events should be on your calendar!

What Is Digital Forensics?

Cybersecurity includes a vast number of different components, aspects, techniques and disciplines. From cyber intelligence to continuous threat monitoring and risk assessments, the full spectrum of cybersecurity activities spans an extensive range. One discipline within this range is digitial forensics. In order to effectively defend against cyber crime, fully understanding what it is and how it operates within a larger cybersecurity program is vastly important to utilizing this powerful tool.

Securing the Cloud

The freedom of access--to anything, anytime and anywhere--is the strength and peril of the cloud. While the cloud empowers accessibility, its ubiquitous nature can also undermine security. The same avenues that give us access to information we want and need also open ways for hackers and malicious actors to reach us. What is the silver lining? Because the cloud is always on, it's possible to continuously monitor and secure it. The key is knowing when, where, and how to engage the right security techniques and practices. Included here are 4 of the most effective ways to secure the cloud.

Metrics and Threat Intelligence: Why and How to Apply Them

In the maturity process of any organization, at some point metrics enter the equation. For many, this is a cringe-worthy event that ranks up at the top of the worst job-defining moments.To clear the air, metrics are incredibly important. For the technically minded: it's how you get more positions, more tools, better assets. For the business-minded: metrics are justification, manpower planning, informed decision-making, asset allocation and proper key performance indicators. In short, and for everyone: you need them for success.

Legislation Alone Won't Secure Elections. Action and Best Practices Will.

In recent weeks the federal and state governments have been pushing legislation forward in efforts to protect elections from cyberattack. These are crucial steps and significant wins. As we wait to learn which bills will pass and which will not in the coming months, the proposed legislation is raising a critically important question. It's a question that we will need to address no matter which bills become law:  What are the best ways to accomplish the recommended improvements?  

Training Can Have a Powerful Impact on Election Security

Cybersecurity attackers work pretty much like we all do--finding the easiest way to get the job done. You can have the most sophisticated security measures in place and use the most sophisticated technology, configured correctly and adherent to all regulations and policies, but if your team is not security-savvy, attackers will easily find the easiest path through the weakest link. Security can't be isolated to technology, and responsibility can't remain with only a few people.

How To Address Looming IoT Security Concerns

As the internet of things (IoT) quickly finds its way into businesses everywhere, concerns about IoT devices' performance and security have become barriers obstructing the adoption of transformative systems.  

How Improving Your Cyber Security Posture Benefits Your Bottom Line
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Your security posture and company's profitability are more closely linked than you may realize. While many business professionals feign their organization's mission or value statement as their ultimate driving force, often time, most value-centric priorities take a back seat to the almighty dollar. After all, money helps to keep the lights on, employees working, and the corporate machine chugging along. But what if something was to cause that well-oiled machine to come to a grinding halt?

How to Help Your Board Navigate Cybersecurity's Legal Risks
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CISOs have been lightly tapping on the boardroom door for years but now have a reason to confidently take a seat at the table. Why? Because lawsuits related to data breaches and cybersecurity incidents are on the rise nationally. This increased legal risk is the reason that all boards should be making cybersecurity discussions part of their agenda — not just during budget season, but at every major meeting.

How Information Sharing Can Help Reduce Vulnerabilities
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Cybersecurity vulnerabilities come from multiple fronts for modern businesses, but information sharing about real-world breaches - good and bad - provides valuable intelligence.
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