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Elder Abuse Podcast Series

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This special series takes an in-depth look at measures that law enforcement officers and agencies can use to effectively identify and respond to instances of elder abuse. 
The series features representatives from the Quincy (Illinois), Anaheim (California), Fairfield (Connecticut), and Colorado Springs (Colorado) Police Departments, as well as experts from the Fresno County (California) Sherriff’s Office and the San Mateo County (California) District Attorney’s Office.
Collecting Evidence in Elder Abuse Cases
Detective Adam Gibson of the Quincy Police Department (Illinois) and Officer Cherie Hill of the Anaheim Police Department (California) provide insight on effective methods for collecting evidence when the elderly victims may be incapacitated, suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s, heavily medicated, or deceased.
Recognizing & Responding to Elder Abuse
Chief Gary MacNamara of the Fairfield (Connecticut) Police Department and Inspector Andrea Higgens from the San Mateo County (California) District Attorney’s Office discuss the most common forms of elder abuse, how officers can identify abuse, and appropriate measures to consider in response.
Financial Exploitation & Scams Are a Crime: Correcting Misperceptions and Collecting Evidence
Detective Larry Swain from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office’s Elder Abuse Unit and Detective Chuck Szatkowski of the Special Victims Unit of the Colorado Springs (Colorado) Police Department discuss the complexities of financial crimes committed against elderly victims, and provide practical insight on collecting evidence in these cases.