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2018 Conference Planning is Underway!!

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2018 Conference

Unfortunately, we are not planning any conferences any time soon.  Please sign up for our newsletters for up to date information and view our news section for the latest national news for your discipline.

In the meantime, please enjoy some pictures of us in action of our Past Conferences, below.


2016 National Partnership Conference

2015 National Partnership Conference

  • Alfred P Murrah Building
    Alfred P Murrah Building

    People attending the conference were provided tours of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombings that killed 168 people.

  • An Office in Ruins
    An Office in Ruins

    Conference attendees found the mangled window shades from the percussion blast of the bombing and a computer monitor are somber reminders of the tragedy that occurred.

  • That Fateful Day
    That Fateful Day

    A plaque reminding guests of the memorial about the tragic events that occurred.

  • Disaster Respons Training Simulator
    Disaster Respons Training Simulator

    The 48-foot mobile trailer brings training directly to community health-care providers. The unit includes life-size mannequins capable of breathing, talking, crying, seizing and reacting to health-care provider interventions, allowing emergency medical personnel to practice their critical thinking reactions and skills in a non-threatening environment. Courtesy of EAST (environmental and spatial technology).