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Step-by-step video on getting more women in cybersecurity

Cut through the noise and get the results you want with actionable steps.
The struggle to recruit and retain women in cybersecurity is real. Institutions are making these efforts a top priority but are quickly becoming discouraged by the lack of resources that have ACTIONABLE steps to reach their goals.
Cut through the noise and get the results you’re striving to achieve. Download this video to zero in on where your institution’s energy should focus.
You will learn…
  • Three common mistakes that may be sabotaging your outreach to women in cybersecurity
  • How to avoid the one thing that guarantees your recruitment strategies will fail
  • Why most attempts to reach out to women don’t lead to actual increases in enrollment
  • True stories of how colleges overcame common mistakes and successfully recruited and retained more women
  • How your school can get on track to see the same kind of positive results
Learn these tried and true RECRUITMENT SECRETS!