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CIMC and National Partnership Release Law Enforcement I Curriculum

The Curriculum and Instructional Materials Center (CIMC) and the National Partnership for Careers in Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security have collaborated to produce Law Enforcement I. This curriculum introduces students to the field of law enforcement and the criminal justice system in the United States, and provides an overview of basic laws and police procedures.

Law Enforcement I features:

  • Competency-based structure: objectives + content + tests
  • Aligned with end-of-instruction assessment produced by the CareerTech Testing Center
  • Developed for secondary and post-secondary students interested in pursuing a law enforcement career
  • Full-color student edition featuring objective content, assignments, and grading rubrics
  • Wraparound teacher edition featuring suggested activities and unit tests (formative assessments)
  • Resource CD with unit Powerpoints and printable unit tests
  • Estimated to cover 178 hours of instruction
  • Developed by professionals in law enforcement, curriculum, and assessment

Units include:

  1. Careers in Law Enforcement and Public Safety
  2. Law Enforcement and Victim Assistance
  3. Ethics in Law Enforcement
  4. Communication and Writing Skills
  5. The Criminal Justice System
  6. Day-to-Day Operations
  7. Criminal and Constitutional Law
  8. Civil Law
  9. Citizens’ Rights
  10. Criminal Laws and the Criminal Justice System
  11. Investigations
  12. Arrests
  13. Juveniles and the Justice System
  14. Search and Seizure
  15. Conflict Resolution
  16. Models of Policing
  17. Traffic Codes and Enforcement
  18. Trials, Sentencing and Corrections

Download a sample unit of Law Enforcement I from our website

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TI1151 Teacher Edition with resource CD – $55.00
TI3151 Student Edition –  $39.00

Since 1967, the Curriculum and Instructional Materials Center has been a leader in developing competency-based instructional materials for career and technology education. The National Partnership serves as the lead organization for the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Career Cluster.