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Mission & History

Who We Are

Our Mission: We inspire and prepare our children and young adults for careers in public service. We do this by collaborating to advance Career & Technical Education (CTE) and post-secondary programs that link education, recruitment, employment, training and development.

The activities of the National Partnership include:

  • Building partnerships to create, improve and sustain law enforcement, fire and emergency services, corrections, security, law career programs and systems at the local, state and national levels
  • Providing technical assistance and training to support partnerships in building local, state and national programs and systems
  • Identifying, developing and offering courses and curriculum that can be used nationally
  • Supporting, upgrading, and promoting, on a continuing basis, the use of the Career Cluster concept and the use of Cluster standards and certifications appropriately linked to current nationally recognized certifications and degree programs
  • Reviewing, updating, validating and endorsing, on a continuing basis, industry and cluster standards to ensure their proper linkage to the Career Cluster Standards
  • Providing career information to students, parents, job seekers, educators, counselors and a variety of life time learners
  • Promoting and enhancing the image of careers in corrections, emergency services, fire services, law enforcement, corrections and security
  • Emphasizing the importance of ethics, integrity and honesty in the service to the public