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Regional Centers

Who We Are

The National Partnership's Regional Centers.

Century Career Center  (Logansport, IN)

Husson University (Bangor, ME)
(CT, MA, ME, NH, RI)
Regional Center for Criminal Justice in New England

Skagit Valley College (Mount Vernon, WA)
(WA, OR, AK)
Regional Emergency Response Training Center

The centers were created to provide national, state and regional leadership in one or more career pathway areas. Centers accomplish this leadership role by offering specialized workshops and courses (credit or non-credit) to high school and college students and instructors. These are unique in a variety of ways and meet the needs of the region. Each center will develop a database of career programs, instructors and students that are focused on law, public safety, security, corrections and fire and emergency services. These programs and the people in them are the primary populations served by the centers. Each center is housed in a college and covers one or more states.

Leadership for career development in this arena at the national level is provided by the National Partnership for Careers in Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security. The National Partnership provides a framework for cross-state collaborative efforts that recognize the essential participation of state and regional groups in promoting career preparation and development in areas as diverse as homeland security, public safety, law enforcement, and corrections.

The collaborative efforts recognize training and development at various career development points, from secondary through academy and collegiate levels of education. They emphasize the connections between these different development points and the need for professional excellence to help prepare individuals for these careers at all levels. The collaboration of various state and regional organizations through the National Partnership provides opportunities to share training strategies and emphasize the growing professionalism required in relevant career settings. The Regional Centers, through an agreement with the National Partnership assumes this role for their specific geographic sphere of influence and leadership.

The centers will also provide opportunities for the colleges' instructors and administrators to be innovative in developing new programs and participating at a national level. Part of this participation includes opportunities to seek grants as part of a larger national consortium.

Most of the centers are still under development with additional centers still being recruited to complete the coverage of the United States. As a result, not all the centers have completed descriptions of their centers.